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By booking a consultation with Monika Bruckner you agree to the terms listed below.

Please check that you are happy with all the details before you proceed with a consultation.

Explanation of Services

Monika Bruckner DHom HMC provides homeopathic care. She graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in 2010. She is continually widening her knowledge through Masterclasses and seminars with Master Homeopaths.

1. Homeopathy is a natural health care discipline that views health and illness in a holistic manner. This view is different from the conventional approach, which usually limits its concerns to individual symptoms. In working with the whole person, the homeopath regards the mental and emotional as well as physical aspects as important. It is also important to know about the stresses and strains in the person’s life. A homeopath takes into account all these aspects and finds a homeopathic remedy appropriate for the individual in order to stimulate the healing mechanism. Such stimulus has been known to bring about a higher level of health and well-being. The body is able to rid itself of the discomforts and troubling symptoms gradually. Thus, a homeopathic treatment is focused to facilitate the healing, and enhances overall wellness by stimulating the inherent healing capabilities; it is not focused on removing or treating any illness or disease.

2. The fundamental principle of homeopathy is “Like Cures Like”, which means that any substance capable of producing symptoms in a healthy individual is capable of removing the similar set of symptoms during sickness when given in the most diluted homeopathically prepared doses. Such a phenomenon is due to the fact that every living being has self-healing and self-preservation properties. Since symptoms of the sickness are produced by the body, they will also be removed by the body, provided this self-healing property is stimulated and enhanced.

Each individual reacts in an individual manner to homeopathic treatment. A minor aggravation of some symptoms as well as retraction of old symptoms is common as a part of the general healing process.

3. Since the goal of homeopathic treatment provided by Monika Bruckner is towards raising the level of health and well-being of the individual, a homeopath does not perform any form of medical examination, diagnosis, or operative procedures. Thus, Monika highly recommends that you retain the services of a primary care physician for appropriate evaluations and check ups for yourself or your child. Homeopathy works well alongside mainstream healthcare programs and medications. You will not be asked to come off medications during your treatment. You may be asked to go for additional health checks to see if your medications are still required.

4. California Jurisdiction

Monika is solely a practitioner of homeopathy. She is not a licensed physician, nor are homeopathic services licensed by the state in California.

In September of 2002, the California legislature passed Senate Bill 577, which requires all non-licensed health care practitioners in the state of California to disclose information to their clients about their practice. This bill, which took effect January 1, 2003, is really a consumer protection bill – designed to ensure that consumers of non-licensed health care practices have sufficient information about the practitioner they’re working with, before entering into a working agreement. (For more information on the bill, see  www.californiahealthfreedom.com.

Homeopathy is alternative or complementary to healing arts that are licensed by the State of California. Under the Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Businesses and Professions Code, the homeopathic services provided by Monika Bruckner will be subject to requirements and restrictions of Senate Bill 577.

Monika Bruckner holds no liability

5. Emergency Service

Homeopathy is not a substitute for Accident and Emergency Care:

If you need emergency healthcare, please contact your doctor or Emergency Services.

6. Emergency Service:

Monika Bruckner cannot provide emergency services. If you need emergency care, please contact your nearest emergency services.

7. Booking:

  • You must be over the age of 18 to use this service.
  • This consent form will cover the entire course of treatment.

8. You confirm that you have made this appointment in good faith and that you have the ability to accept or reject this care of your own free will and choice and are mentally competent to enter into this agreement.

9. You acknowledge that you are not representing an agency (private, governmental or otherwise) attempting to gather information without so stating [i.e. you are not a reporter posing as a patient].

10. You understand the charges are to be paid when booking the consultation unless specific prior arrangements have been made or there is no charge.

11. You will ensure that any photos or videos you send will not show nudity of private parts of the body of adults or children.

12.You consent to the homeopath holding records and personal information/disclosures that include any information you send & disclosures you make during appointments.


Once your appointment has been agreed by both parties, you will be sent an invoice for payment before the consultation begins.

14. Cancellations:

All appointments will incur a 50% charge if not cancelled or postponed 48 hours prior, except in emergencies.

15. The Consultation:

The Consultation will take place at an agreed time.

You will choose between:

A video or an in-person consultation.

You may be asked for photographs to see skin complaints.

Everything discussed during each consultation is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone who is not a team member unless we have your specific instruction to discuss your information with other health professionals.

16. Pharmacy:

You will be sent a prescription for your remedies after our consultation. You will be sent details of where to purchase them if you haven’t got the remedies yourself.

17. Confidentiality:

Monika Bruckner will not share your details.

Your health records will be held in a secure unit according to the data protection act.

You can ask for a copy of your notes but please be aware that we will not be responsible for the security of the email service.

18. Emails

When you book a consultation, your name and details will be added to our database so that we can send you the prescription.

You can opt out of receiving details about our services, news and courses and about learning more about homeopathy. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

19. Code of Conduct:

We abide by the Homeopathic Code of Ethics.

20. Technology:

With the use of internet, video calls, messenger, emails or telephone calls, every reasonable precaution possible will be taken to ensure the privacy of your information, but it cannot be guaranteed across these technologies.

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